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Solvents / Ethanol

Grain, Synthetic, Sugarcane, Organic

GRADES: Pure, Kosher & USP

Pure Alcohols
Pure Alcohol is undenatured Ethanol suitable for consumption and is usually taxable by the U.S. Federal Government’s Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (T.T.B.).

Commonly used SDA Products are:
SDA 3A, SDA 3C, SDA 29, SDA 38-B, SDA 39-C, SDA 40-B
• A U.S. Government T.T.B. Use Permit is required to purchase a SDA Alcohol.

Specially Denatured Alcohol ( SDA)
It is an ethyl alcohol that has been modified by an addition of chemicals or denaturants, which prevents the use of an SDA for beverage use, but not for specific cosmetic, toiletry, personal care or industrial uses.

TYPES: 190 & 200 Proof
• Approved for Industrial Applications
• Can be used without obtaining a Use Permit, payment of tax or posting a bond with T.T.B

Proprietary Solvents, Special Industrial Solvents & Completely Denatured Alcohol CDA
Proprietry Solvents, Special Industrial Solvents, and Completely Denatured Alcohol are ethyl alcohols that have been modified by the addition of chemicals, or denaturants, prescribed by the T.T.B. which makes the product unfit for human consumption.