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Solona from ICL: Low Sodium, Big Taste

August 15, 2016Ingredients, News

There is no mistaking it, salt is a critical ingredient in many favorite foods often serving as a preservative or flavor enhancer, but with an abundance of research on the negative health impact of too much sodium, it is time to look for an alternative. Solona sea salt from ICL Food Specialties is a naturally occurring mineral that can effectively replace salt in food without sacrificing flavor or quality. Solona has 1.7 grams of sodium in every 100 grams, compared to the 39 grams per 100 of salt. The health benefits are evident, but the flavor benefits need to be tasted to believe. Solona has applications in the dairy, beverage and meat and poultry industries.

It is the sheer versatility of Solona that makes it a must-have ingredient across all culinary applications.

When it comes to baked goods, Solona effectively reduces the sodium in breads and desserts, and will not effect the cooking process in any way. Solona is available in the granulation your process requires, so it will never be a hindrance to the mixing process. Solona is fully soluble in liquid milk products and milk, and when it comes to cheese, formulation assistance is available to optimize the end product texture and melt.

Salty, sometimes overly salty, meats are a staple at summer cookouts, and Solona can make those flavors all the more enjoyable while reducing the sodium by 50% and delivering an equivalent yield in processed meats. Solona also can play in role in washing down delectable meals with refreshing beverages as it is fully soluble in liquids. Try Solona in tomato juice for a true treat!

Solona is sustainably harvested using solar energy to extract naturally low-sodium minerals from the dense waters of the Dead Sea, and then they are then moved to special evaporation pond where they are washed, screen dried and sized. The end result is Solona.

Please reach out to your sales rep for more information on this incredible product.

Solona is the food ingredient you have been searching for!

Mobil Delvac: Performance You Can Rely On

August 14, 2016Lubricants, News

NASCAR legend Tony Stewart relies on Mobil1 more than you might think. While their high performance motor oil has aided him in many victories, it is Mobil1 Delvac that he trusts to keep the trailer toting his #14 car to the track running smoothly. Check out this video featuring Ken Gober, truck driver for the Stewart-Haas racing team, and find out why Mobil Delvac is the only lubricant he trusts on the road!

Mobil has a long history of proven engine protection and performance which has kept business and industry moving for more than 90 years. Mobil Delvac will improve engine performance and longevity to keep your fleet running smoothly!

Contact your sales rep to learn more about Mobil Delvac and Tilley’s full line of Mobil products.

Customer Service

April 10, 2013News

Tilley Chemical offers a professional team of Customer Service Agents ready to supply you with personal and quality service.  We are here to serve your needs from fulfilling your orders, expediting and checking status on current orders and offering you help with documentation, technical support and sample ordering.

Hours of Operation:  Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Call:                                      800- 638-6968 or email

Our facility is AIB Certified

April 10, 2013News

Tilley Chemical facilities are AIB Certified by the American Institute of Baking.  AIB is a leading organization providing an independent audit to Tilley on a yearly basis.  This audit provides Tilley with a thorough inspection which has become a pre-requisite for food production and handling facilities across the country.  This certification gives you the confidence that Tilley adheres to best practices and industry standards that match those of our customers in the manufacturing realm.

Tilley Chemical – Member of NACD

September 28, 2012News

We are a member of NACD (National Association of Chemical Distributors).  Tilley Chemical takes pride in product stewardship and “Responsible Distribution”.  Responsible Distribution is NACD’s third party verified program committed to continuous performance and improvement in every phase of chemical storage, handling, transportation and disposal. It encompasses a focus on environmental, health, safety & security procedures.

Member of Omni-Chem 136

April 10, 2012News