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Soy Proteins: Ingredients not Additives

September 29, 2017Ingredients, News

Tilley Chemical is pleased to offer ADM Soy Proteins.

So, how can soy proteins work for you? They are vegetable proteins that are a great alternative to meat and dairy products, while bringing even more versatility to the table. Soy proteins are low in fat, lactose free, vegetarian and have zero cholesterol.

While the benefits of using soy proteins are vast, the applications for use is even greater.

Soy proteins can be ingredients in beef patties, chicken patties, chili, meatballs, chicken nuggets, cereal, nutritional bars and many, many more.

They serve as a meat extending, low-fat ingredient, a moisture retention agent, and can improve texture and viscosity.

ADM product names for these items are Soy Flour, Bakers Soy, Arcon, TVP and ProFam. Soy Flour and Bakers Soy are minimally processed so flours used in baking applications. Arcon and TVP are functional soy concentrates with a minimum of 65% soy protein. They are best used in meat and poultry applications. ProFam are isolated soy proteins with a minimum of 90% protein content. ProFam is used primarily to increase nutritional value. TVP are de-fatted soy flours.

If you have any questions about which product is right for you, your sales rep will be happy to assist!

CreaFill: Offering Healthy Solutions and Much More

May 8, 2017Ingredients, News

Spring has sprung and Summer is just around the corner, this means cookouts, picnics and great food with friends and family.

Some consumers may feel that dietary restrictions or an attempt to eat healthier during the warm weather months might not allow them to partake in some of the chips, cakes, and sandwiches that come along with these festivities, but Tilley offers a solution to those issues.

CreaFill products offer CreaFibe, an insoluble dietary fiber choice, and CreaSplend, which has both soluble and insoluble dietary fiber content for foods.  While adding healthy dietary fiber to foods is a great start, CreaFill products go way beyond that.

CreaFibe is the most versatile dietary fiber on the market. It can be used to keep baked goods moist, keep chips from breaking under the weight of a hearty dip, and it will even reduce caloric content in foods. CreaFibe is offered in grades ranging from powder to longer fibers depending on the application. The CreaFibe family of fibers offers something for every application with fibers including oat, wheat, cellulose and bamboo.

CreaSplend is a supremely healthy option that offers a natural, non-gmo, Kosher and Halal certified ingredient which has the consistency of flour, but is gluten free! Much like CreaFibe, CreaSplend works wonders in food. CreaSplend is ideal for creamy desserts, prepared meats and filled pastas. CreaSplend will enhance flavor and mouthfeel and build viscosity.

These two items are truly remarkable and necessary products across all types of food. When customers clamor for healthy, tasty options, CreaFibe and CreaSplend will do the trick.

For more information on CreaFill please contact your sales rep today!

Licrezz: Extending Shelf Life, Naturally

January 6, 2017Ingredients, News

ICL has renamed their phenomenal, all-natural shelf life extender made from licorice plant extract, but the quality and versatility remains!

Licrezz is a natural antioxidant which can be used in meat, dairy, and beverage products. While Licrezz will can be used in products that are susceptible to oxidation, it has also been proven to show an enhancement in flavor. Licrezz is available as a pure extract (Licrezz FC) and as a blend with an inert natural carrier (Licrezz B). For more information please click here!

If you have any further questions, please speak to your sales rep today!


The Answer to the All Natural Question

December 16, 2016Ingredients, News

As the old adage goes, you are what you eat, and at no point in history have consumers paid more attention to exactly what they are eating.

It’s not just in health-food stores that the terms “Non-GMO” and “All Natural” are floating around. These are words that are prevalent in our culture and will not be going anywhere as individuals continue to scan packaging and ingredient lists for those buzz words.

Tilley Chemical has been hearing these words quite a bit recently as many of our food and flavoring customers are asking us how we can help out in the All Natural arena. In truth, we work extremely hard to see where industry trends are heading so we can provide the solution when they arrive, and now that the All Natural craze is at a fever pitch, we’re here to answer the call! Allow this blog post to be an introduction into the bevy of products Tilley offers in the All Natural, Clean Label world.

We are very pleased to offer:

  • All Natural Ascorbic Acid
  • GMO Free Citric Acid
  • GMO Free Citrates
  • All Natural Erythritol
  • All Natural, GMO Free and Organic Ethyl Alcohol
  • GMO Free and Organic Guar Gum
  • All Natural and GMO Free Glycerin
  • Natural Food Colors
  • Natural Fibers

We also offer Licresse, an all natural antioxidant which can be used to naturally extend shelf life, and Solona, an All Natural, Low Sodium Sea Salt which will seriously enhance the flavor of any food!

Our lubricant division is also getting on board with the trend and offering NSF and HI Lubricants!

If you have any questions regarding our All Natural and Clean Label Ingredients please speak to your salesperson today!


The Endless Possibilities of Guar Gum

October 18, 2016Ingredients, News


When we eat our favorite foods, we often indulge in the incredible flavors and delicate textures, but pay little attention to the ingredients that make them possible.

Guar Gum is one such iimg_00311ingredient that helps make our favorite foods work.

Guar Gum is created from ground seeds of the Guar bean, and it is useful across many culinary applications. Guar Gum works to increase dough yield and enhance texture in baked goods, it works as an excellent binding agent in meat products, in dairy items Guar Gum can work as a thickener, not to mention the benefit it has on the appearance of condiments.

Guar beans are very prevalent in India, a leading producer of Guar Gum, but Pakistan is where the climate to grow healthy Guar beans is perfect. Tilley sources their Guar Gum from Haji Dossa, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of premium Guar Gum. Tilley has forged a strong partnership with Haji Dossa over the years so that we can ensure we will have product when you need it…and with the infinite applications of Guar Gum we’re sure you’ll soon be using it as a go to ingredient!

If you have any questions regarding Guar Gum, please speak to your Sales Rep and they will be happy to assist you!

Solona from ICL: Low Sodium, Big Taste

August 15, 2016Ingredients, News

There is no mistaking it, salt is a critical ingredient in many favorite foods often serving as a preservative or flavor enhancer, but with an abundance of research on the negative health impact of too much sodium, it is time to look for an alternative. Solona sea salt from ICL Food Specialties is a naturally occurring mineral that can effectively replace salt in food without sacrificing flavor or quality. Solona has 1.7 grams of sodium in every 100 grams, compared to the 39 grams per 100 of salt. The health benefits are evident, but the flavor benefits need to be tasted to believe. Solona has applications in the dairy, beverage and meat and poultry industries.

It is the sheer versatility of Solona that makes it a must-have ingredient across all culinary applications.

When it comes to baked goods, Solona effectively reduces the sodium in breads and desserts, and will not effect the cooking process in any way. Solona is available in the granulation your process requires, so it will never be a hindrance to the mixing process. Solona is fully soluble in liquid milk products and milk, and when it comes to cheese, formulation assistance is available to optimize the end product texture and melt.

Salty, sometimes overly salty, meats are a staple at summer cookouts, and Solona can make those flavors all the more enjoyable while reducing the sodium by 50% and delivering an equivalent yield in processed meats. Solona also can play in role in washing down delectable meals with refreshing beverages as it is fully soluble in liquids. Try Solona in tomato juice for a true treat!

Solona is sustainably harvested using solar energy to extract naturally low-sodium minerals from the dense waters of the Dead Sea, and then they are then moved to special evaporation pond where they are washed, screen dried and sized. The end result is Solona.

Please reach out to your sales rep for more information on this incredible product.

Solona is the food ingredient you have been searching for!